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We invest more than one third of our resources into our technology’s R&D. It’s the foundation of our philosophy: building a platform that simplifies your workflow while making our translators more productive.

MementoTM: Real-Time Translation Memory

Following extensive research and investment, TextMaster built Memento™, the first real-time, cloud-based translation memory that analyses text for repetitions within the same document and between documents. This makes it easy to send partial changes to your existing documents for translation, without being charged for already-translated text. Available as part of the TextMaster platform, Memento™ is updated with new text in real-time, no matter how many translators are working on the documents. You’ll see the benefits immediately: greater quality consistency, faster turnaround times and up to 60% in costs savings.


TextMaster’s API: Our Services Integrated into Your System

To put it simply, the TextMaster API allows you to access our services directly through your own interface, automating your workflow while connecting with our network of expert writers and translators. You can add as many or as few features as you want: send/receive translations, select extra options, assign to your favorite TextMasters. The API streamlines your workflow.

What the TextMaster API can do for you

A Variety of File Types

Our robust platform can handle many different types of files, including documents (MS Office, Adobe Suite, etc.) and localisation files used for websites and mobile apps, like .string, .po, .xlif, .yml, .srt, .json, .html, etc.

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Translation Plugins That Will Change Your Life

TextMaster is fully-integrated into the best platforms on the market, including localisation, CMS, PIM and ecommerce solutions. You can therefore easily translate your app or website from your preferred solution.

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Our Clients Say It Best


“Thanks to TextMaster, we were able to receive our product catalogue of 700 campsite descriptions translated for each country in only 4 months.”

Jean-Michel Maurer

Ecommerce Director

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“We chose to work with TextMaster because of their professionalism and their technology. The API integration allowed us to save a significant amount of time.”

Julie Sourdois

Project Manager

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“One of the best aspects is the platform – it’s practical and intuitive – everything about it is great.”

Caroline Morieux

E-Store and Project Manager

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